Wc marketplace single product multiple vendors

WC Marketplace — brings you, your easiest and one stop solution to build a perfect online marketplace website. Why choose WC Marketplace? There are numerous competitors on similar grounds, then why WCMp? Fact 1: Highest 5 star rated marketplace plugin. WC Marketplace is a free marketplace solution with extremely powerful and top market level features. Think of any eCommerce based multivendor marketplace and you can recreate the same with WC Marketplace.

Wc marketplace single product multiple vendors

You are getting all the best features for zero payment. Fact 2: Wc marketplace single product multiple vendors acclaimed 5 wc marketplace single product multiple vendors rated support wc marketplace single product multiple vendors. Facing a hard to explain issue? Or a simple plugin conflict?

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Or maybe, just an issue, you are not sure of? WC Marketplace support team will listen to you patiently and solve your problems in the blink of an eye. Fact 3: Value for customers. At WCMp, we believe in family. Our customers have also become our contributors.

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Found a bug? Or shared a piece of code that can help with the development? Or a simple language fix? Maybe just an idea? Your smallest contribution counts. See here. Fact 4: Regular updates.

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WC Marketplace will never compromise with your security. It provides regular updates to prevent any sort of vulnerabilities and to stay updated with the latest multivendor marketplace trends. Found a feature on Amazon yesterday?

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It might just be there on the priority list in the next WCMp update. A vast knowledgebase and documentation.

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WC Marketplace provides a thorough guide on how to setup your multivendor marketplace. Read through each document carefully and carry out the necessary steps to have a fully functional and equipped eCommerce marketplace solution that is ready to take on the best in market competition.

Fact 5: So much and for free. Lastly, you get all the goodness of WCMp and much more simply for wc marketplace single product multiple vendors. Read on to find out more. What is the customer experience like?

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Customers can not only see all the products, categories listed on your store but they also get an exclusive list of vendors listed on your site, so that they know whom to choose from This wc marketplace single product multiple vendors termed as the Vendor List.

Customers can also search for a vendor by their nearest location or by product categories or even alphabetically technically, it is called Vendor Search or Vendor Filter. If wc marketplace single product multiple vendors customer has a particular vendor in mind, they can view all the products belonging to the vendor on one single page termed as: Vendor Shop page. For customers ease of shopping experience, if a single product is sold by multiple vendors, customers can compare the rates each vendor has to offer.

Customers can also buy products from different vendors in a single order. A customer can directly question the vendor about a product before proceeding with the purchase termed as: Product Questions and Answers section. If a customer finds a problem with a particular vendor or so they can report an abuse against the vendor. Last but not at all the least, an easy checkout process with WooCommerce supported payment gateways.

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Insights from future WCMp for customers: An entirely separate frontend dashboard, where they can manage their products, coupons, orders, commissions, customer questions and much more technically termed as: The Vendor Nürnberg leute kennenlernen. Vendors get a weekly wc marketplace single product multiple vendors monthly sales report in the vendor dashboard itself.

For overseas marketplaces, vendors can also see their sales report based on locations, which country has ordered more of their products termed as: Visitors Map. They can also set their shop location using Google maps, they can also add their external shop URL, link their social profiles, which will be visible to the customers. In short, vendors can manage their profile completely from their dashboard.

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Vendors can add or upload products from their dashboard itself just as WooCommerce provides in the backend — which includes adding virtual and downloadable products, setting tax or shipping wc marketplace single product multiple vendors, managing product tags, adding product attributes, manage the inventory of each product and much more.

Vendors can also sell products previously listed by other vendors as theirs i.

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Online flirten anleitung can enable or disable a shipping zone, as is necessary. Add shipping methods and configure shipping rates. WC Marketplace also lets vendors configure table rate shipping, flat rate, local pickup and free shipping.

Vendors can see and manage all their orders from the vendor dashboard itself. They can export their orders into wc marketplace single product multiple vendors CSV, change the order status and add an order note for reference. Vendors can also mark an order as shipped and wc marketplace single product multiple vendors refunds for customers. Vendors can select their preferred mode of payment — supported payment methods are: Vendors receive their commissions at equal periods of time according to the payment schedule set by the admin although vendor does have an option to withdraw all or some of his pending dues at any point of time technically, it is termed as Request Withdrawal Commission.