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Und was es darin soll — alles über die Inhaltsstoffe kosmetischer Produkte erfahren. Welche Stoffe sind in meiner Pflegelotion, meinem Duschbad oder meiner Gesichtscreme? Welche Aufgabe haben diese Inhaltsstoffe?

studio kino kiel single

Die Produkte werden nicht bewertet, das bleibt Entscheidungsspielraum des mündigen und gut informierten Verbrauchers. And what it should do - learn everything about the ingredients of cosmetic products.

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Which substances are in my care lotion, my shower or my facial studio kino kiel single Studio kino kiel single is the task of studio kino kiel single ingredients? It scans the barcode on the packaging of personal care and cosmetic products skin, hair, tooth and provides information on 23, different ingredients according to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients INCI.

The products are not rated, leaving room for decision of the responsible and well-informed consumer. Microplastic, parabens preservative Individual options for users - Create your own product shelf with automatic content studio kino kiel single - Setting personal filters for the selection of ingredients preferences "Know what's in it" - the PLUS when shopping - Consideration of the current formulations in the specific product - Reliable product data, which are deposited by the manufacturers - Prevention of outdated, incorrect or incorrect information - scientific assessments and assessments by the competent authorities - frauen linz treffen information on the ingredients - free and free of advertising Read more.

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